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The Importance of Sustainability

In 2015, the United Nations proposed its 17 Sustainable Development Goals – commonly known as SDGs – designed to achieve world-wide sustainable development by 2030. These were adopted by leaders of more than 150 countries around the world, and may provide the 360 degree framework to deliver inclusive prosperity. With this bold objective, organizations are […]

Datacenter Dynamics Panel Discussion – 18.05.2017

Basis Bay participated in the DatacenterDynamics (DCD) conference this Thursday on the 18th of May in Johor Bahru. DCD is a Data Center event involving regional professionals addressing insights and trends in the Data Center space. Mr. Rajan is invited to be a speaker in one of the panel discussions titled “IT PARKS, CAMPUSES AND SUSTAINABILITY”. […]

Basis Bay’s participation at HELP CAT Career Day – 12.04.2017

Basis Bay participated in a career fair organized by HELP CAT at HELP University of Arts & Technology. The students who attended the fair were given more insight about our company and job opportunities that we are offering. Mostly students from IT, Business Management, Accounting, and Marketing faculties attended the event. Our participation in this […]

Data Centers For Dummies: Software Containers

We’re tackling software containers in this entry in our long-running “Data Centers For Dummies” series, because containers are huge right now. Why? They enable app development and operations at a level of cost-efficiency, scalability and optimization that’s downright revolutionary. Since the introduction of container technology over 16 years ago, IT departments have enthusiastically embraced it. Given […]

8 Reasons Why Geeks Are Now Cool

Let’s get one thing straight. Geeks were always cool, the masses just had to realize it! The level of “Cool”ness is to the point of non-geeky people wanting to become geeks and accepted by other geeks, isn’t exactly big news anymore. Increasing their social acceptance has also resulted in outing some myths that never quite […]

Data Centers For Dummies: Security and Reliability

For this entry of our “Data Centers For Dummies” blog feature, we’re picking things back up by focusing on the sometimes opaque terminology used by the people who keep our Basis Bay data centers safe, secure and running. (Photo: Newton Security Inc) N+1 (or greater) redundancy: This means that every component (N) critical to keeping our Basis Bay data centers […]

Data Centers For Dummies: Buildings

Welcome to the latest edition of Basis Bay’s “Data Centers For Dummies” series.  This post aims to explain some hard-core data center terms and acronyms relating to our buildings. Study them, and soon you’ll be throwing around these terms with ease. (Photo: akharinkhabar) CRAC unit – Computer Room Air Conditioning is basically an air conditioner on […]

Data Centers For Dummies: Cloud

Welcome to the latest installment of the Data Centers For Dummies series, Basis Bay’s guide to helping you fit into the wonderful world of data centers, or at least sound like you do. Today’s installment will focus on cloud computing and the various services that make it work. If you haven’t caught up on the […]