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Data Centers For Dummies: Connections

This is the third installment of our “Data Centers For Dummies” series, and if you’ve followed our previous blogs (click here and here), then you’ve no doubt learned acronyms and terms with almost no use in everyday life. If you’re in a data center, however, the words we’ve introduced will show you’re in the know. In our next […]

Data Centers For Dummies: Power

If you’ve been following our “Data Centers For Dummies” series, you already know the meaning of important terms such as colo and mantrap (click here for a quick refresher). Now it’s time to up your game… Part 2 of this series tackles some key terms related to electricity in the data center. Warning: this post contains […]

Data Centers For Dummies: Acronyms & Terminology

Everyone knows that the language used in the IT industry can be, well, peculiar. We like to use acronyms, preferably if we can pronounce those capital letters as a word (i.e: NOC). We like to turn nouns into verbs (i.e: “I’ll FTP you that file”). And we especially like using obscure technical terms that others […]