Basis Bay actively pursues Green initiatives in all our strategic endeavors, with an emphasis on environmental sustenance. With our tagline “Reengineering IT for a Greener World”, we believe in enabling services and solutions that have maximum efficiency and minimal impact on the environment.

Our accumulated wealth of experience has allowed us to distill the practice of Green IT into five core practices that make up the backbone of our IT practice. By utilizing a holistic approach that utilizes the best practices of Green IT in the industry, Basis Bay is able to execute your enterprise IT planning on a strategic level, identifying solutions to your business needs.

The five cornerstones of Basis Bay’s Holistic Approach on Green IT are as follows; Smart Procurement, Technology Life Cycle Management, Green Data Centers, IT Infrastructure Optimization and Green Best Practices. We use this 5 core practice framework as a guide to pass on cost savings to our clients.