Data Centre for Manufacturing

Manufacturers work within a complex supply chain of connected suppliers, partners and customers. Information management is no longer confined to within the four walls of the enterprise. Product life cycles have shortened drastically, and in a material based economy the motto is better, cheaper and faster.

IT architectures supporting manufacturing needs to be flexible and adjust to the changing needs of the business. The paradigms in which IT services are provided are challenged by:

      • Legacy systems that operate well beyond their expected lifespan.
      • Exponential growth in business transactions and unstructured data.
      • The need to reduce IT operational expenditure.

Physical infrastructure and energy costs are major factors impacting manufacturing competitiveness. There is therefore a need to focus on IT infrastructure optimization to reduce the resource footprint consumed by IT assets and associated facilities such as power and cooling. Manufacturers need to understand first, then monitor and control the distribution of energy consumed by IT as part of an overall strategy to reduce their carbon emissions.

Why Basis Bay

Strategic relationships are formed around trust and core-competence. In the manufacturing domain we recognize the need to provide a full complement of managed IT services. It’s not just about cost reduction either. We seek ways to bring additional value through initiatives geared towards energy conservation and improving the workspace environment.

Highlights for Manufacturing Industry

Full outsourcing of IT service towers:

      • Service Desk
      • Data Center Operations
      • Network Management (LAN/WAN)
      • End User Computing
      • Managed Voice
      • Security Operations

Architecture On-DemandWe can develop and be the custodian of your enterprise architecture blueprint. An IT roadmap is a contingent framework that adapts to changing business needs. We help you focus on opportunities and solutions that drive top-line growth and bottom-line performance.

Disaster Recovery SolutionsContinuous operation is an imperative for most manufacturing organizations. Basis Bay can provide highly customized solutions to protect your mission critical services and data.