Data Centre for Telecommunications

Convergence of IT and Telecommunications had its origins in the mid-nineties with the establishment of TCP/IP as the core routing protocol and MPLS as the vehicle to carry integrated voice and data services across wide area clouds.

In recent years we have seen Telecom operators move into the traditional IT space providing a range of enterprise services that go well beyond the Network Terminating Point (NTP). The continued convergence of IT and traditional telecoms markets and the opportunities it creates will cause Telecom Enterprise offerings to grow at attractive rates in the coming years, with growth surpassing retail growth rates for the first time ever according to a 2015 predictions study by McKinsey.

Several prominent Telecom providers have actively acquired IT companies to bolster their capabilities and drive growth into these new markets. However, the enterprise market has largely been a foreign space to the Telecom operators. Engaging business users, understanding industrial domains and dealing with the CIO and his team is a daunting task. The fusion of IT knowledge and experience within the traditional structures of the Telecom operator has yet to happen.

Set Thy Own House In Order

In the realms of engineering be it switching, transmission or operational support systems, IT has become the driving force and has permeated every aspect of control and management. Yet IT as a function within the Telecom organisation has remained largely peripheral. This is most evident when you see the sprawl of bolt-on IT systems occupying space in rooms designed to host telecom equipment. Architectural and Service Management frameworks such as eTOM have gone someway to redress the balance, however IT alignment with the core business remains elusive.

Why Basis Bay

For over 15 years, Basis Bay has provided integration services to the Telecom industry. We have helped our clients evolve their operations by:

      • Consolidating systems
      • Increasing the level of automation
      • Simplifying the introduction of new services and technologies.

We can help you reduce the number of systems and capitalize on your existing investments in order to reduce your OPEX and boost your business. We ensure you have an agile environment – with the right organisation, processes and tools that supports efficient data management, innovative offerings and smooth, standardized self-care.

Highlights for Telecommunications

Data Center Design & BuildConvergence is driving architecture design around a common technology platform to support all systems including core network, front-end and back-end business support systems. Adopting international standards for five-nines resilience and security we can design and build your next data center from the ground-up. Our award winning Green-IT approach ensures your data center will meet the most stringent targets for energy efficiency and carbon emissions.

Business Continuity PlanningWe develop strategies for service continuity across the entire Telecommunications landscape. We are focused not just on IT but Telecommunications Continuity entails the ability to strategically deploy telecommunications and related technologies to deal with potential as well as unforeseeable and extraordinary emergencies.

Service ManagementAs Telecom operators move further into the space of Enterprise IT management we can provide a range of tools and specialist resources to augment your services including:

      • Desk-side end user support
      • Service Desk Management
      • Managed Maintenance of IT Assets
      • Information Security