IT Consulting

With over a decade of experience, Basis Bay is capable to transcend IT practices that allow us to define, qualify and quantify business goals while meeting your organisations outsourcing needs and objectives. Today, change is constantly ensuring critical business functions to perform at a level of expectation that elevates and enables best practices as well as standards. Basis Bay’s sustainable IT Outsourcing addresses these business imperatives by developing services around a structured global delivery model to enhance flexibility and competitiveness.

Organisations are able to focus and magnify their core competencies while we mirror their success in managing IT infrastructure and application needs. Basis Bay assists organisations to realise the need to outsource and maintain their success through efficient and sustainable measures. We have the capabilities and resources, coupled with high quality standards in providing IT Outsourcing services through best practices and experience.

Basis Bay’s IT Outsourcing approach creates measurable success focused on your organisation goals and objectives. Our system integration capabilities deliver flexible, robust and comprehensive IT Outsourcing experiences, which position us as your ideal IT partner. Our focus on IT efficiency and sustainability creates an edge for your organisation’s IT requirement.

Our Approach to IT Outsourcing

  • Developing critical success factors & selection criteria
  • Discovering your environment
  • Setting management principles
  • Preparing the request for proposal
  • Undertaking due diligence
  • Negotiations & contracting
  • Managing the transition
  • Managing the relationship