Basis Bay is a leading provider of Sustainable Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure and Managed Data Center Services. Established in 1996, with a focus in the premium Enterprise IT space, Basis Bay has a presence in 22 countries throughout the world servicing over 300 clients primarily international financial services and multinational companies.

As a Global thought leader in Green IT , Basis Bay believes technology is a catalyst for change and a balanced world is possible if economic profit, the welfare of people and care for our planet are central to the way we think and act. But for that, we need to reengineer traditional IT thinking and concepts. With sustainability in mind, Basis Bay has developed a holistic approach enabling IT solutions that ensure maximum efficiency with a minimum impact to the environment. The five cornerstones of Basis Bay’s approach encompass the following areas:

Procurement Bullet O2

Smart Procurement

Globally sourcing from a sustainable supply chain & prudent procurement policies.

Green IT Best Practices O2

Green IT Best Practices

Ensuring all stakeholders benefit from an internal framework on sustainable best practices.

Data Centre Bullet O1

Green Data Center

Mechanical, electrical & computer systems are designed & managed for maximum energy efficiency with sustainable practices.

Ifrastructure Optimization O1

IT Infrastructure Optimization

Deploying technologies and processes to optimize IT infrastructure efficiently.

Technology Lifecycle Management

Technology Lifecycle Management

Optimizing technology assets to its true product life cycle.

Basis Bay Corporate Brochure

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