Basis Bay Sustainable Cloud Services

While many financial institutions look to move workloads to open architecture private cloud platform to improve agility and cost efficiency, the reality is that not all workloads are suited for open architecture private cloud platform.

Some mission-critical workloads that require complete control over data and security are better suited to remain on legacy platforms and behind the highly secured firewall equipped – purpose-built datacenter environment. Today’s financial institutions need the best of both worlds.

To help financial institutions strike the balance between open architecture private cloud platform and off-premise deployments, we are introducing our premium cloud service offering called sustainable private cloud to cater all available legacy systems under one umbrella.

These cost-effective platform stack bundles of compelling architecture are designed to enable financial institutions to deploy and manage private clouds on legacy systems.

Basis Bay’s Sustainable Private Cloud can execute key capabilities such as:

  • Rapidly deploying and easily managing private clouds
  • Simplifying the security and compliance management support
  • Simplifying high availability management (HA)
  • Accelerating development environments in native legacy platforms

basis bay sustainable cloud service

A powerful platform suite built for cloud-ready agility

Basis Bay Sustainable private cloud offering features a comprehensive range of legacy platform offerings designed to help financial institutions bring agility and flexibility to their cloud deployments. Access to real-time legacy platform performance allows how business units plan for and respond to major mission-critical events and how technology owners adjust performance metrics for historically successful financial operations.

At a recent innovation event hosted by the Dutch Business Council, Basis Bay Group CEO Dato’ Praba Thiagarajah shared the importance of green computing and its social impacts. The Global IT environment is strategically focusing to contribute a lot to improve natural resources in several ways.

One key driver is to ensure organisations give importance to green computing best practices, providing value-add to society and as well as organisational branding. These values echo the product designed and launched by Basis Bay – the Sustainable Private Cloud, a powerful new legacy multi-cloud platform that runs on green computing practices & purpose-built infrastructure.

This new platform is able to make in-roads specifically for financial institutions looking to make an impact with their legacy applications transformation to improve the banking end users experience. More importantly, the financial services industry and other business sectors will continue to become more aware of their data information systems and will become more demanding (rightfully) about their privacy and data utilisation.

This will enable the way service providers are able to leverage insights to deliver value. Additionally, investors and leadership would rally to bid and engage with providers that are more ethically focused and are committed to doing well for society and the environment.

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