Basis Bay’s Contact Centre Disaster Recovery solutions enable an organisation to continue their contact centre activities at an alternate location to minimize the impact of a disaster. In a situation of a disaster, Basis Bay’s contact centre recovery site will coordinate with all parties involve to route all incoming calls and faxes to the site. This enables the customer to keep in-touch with your respective organisation from the recovery site.

Our Contact Centre Facilities:

  • Incoming PRI Line with DID
  • Workstation with Phones and Headset (hands-free)
  • Contact Centre Solutions
  • Automatically Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Caller ID Identification
  • Contact Centre Reporting
  • Voice Mail
  • Voice Logger
  • Call Billings
  • Data Hosting
  • Maintenance tests for a year, to be certain that the recovery functions accordingly
  • 24 Hours Emergency Hotline/Help Desk services for crisis activation
  • Up to three reviews a year. The review session covers:
    • The management of the possible changes in the contact centre calls-flow design
    • Running through recovery plan checklist
    • Validating organisation’s contact centre’s critical functions