Basis Bay offers organizations the alternative to outsource critical business and IT functions at our scalable carrier neutral Data Centers.

Our Data Center’s are classified Tier II and III standards depending on location with scalability, high-availability and redundancy-enabled. Basis Bay’s adheres to global Data Center best practices such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001, TIA-942, SS507, TVRA, ITIL, CMMI. Our Data Center management systems and methods create an integrated approach to monitoring and control of Data Center resources. This allows us to:

– Dynamically provision servers to respond to changing energy conditions.
– Intelligently balance workloads to optimize energy usage and control costs.
– Identify ways to improve Data Center energy efficiency and power usage effectiveness.
– Provide charge-backs to users based on the actual energy consumption of their IT services.

Basis Bay prides itself on building Asia’s first Green Data Center and with this experience we offer our clients option to construct a purpose-built Data Center as per their requirements.

With a strong portfolio of international and local multinational clients, Basis Bay is poised to provide comprehensive Data Center services such as:

Managed Hosting

Co-location Services

Our expertise in managed hosting also includes state-of-the-art monitoring system to prevent service disruption that ensures business availability at all times. IT systems are hosted in a secure environment and managed by skilled engineers as well as facility management team.

Basis Bay’s co-location services enable organizations to occupy designated space for their IT equipment with options for customization. Services offered include the alternative to rent floor or rack space. Organizations may provide their own IT systems, with the flexibility to manage, maintain and secure the customization area.

Service Operation Center (SOC)

Smart Hands

Basis Bay’s Service Operation Center (SOC) performs real-time monitoring services that can be tailored to an organization’s IT environment.  Apart from our infrastructure monitoring, Basis Bay provides call management services as a single-point-of-contact (SPOC) for client’s issues and service request.

      • 24 x 7 Real Time Monitoring
      • Online Dashboard
      • Online and Periodical reporting
      • Proactive monitoring and automated processes
      • Monthly Performance Reports

 Basis Bay Smart Hands services provides clients the option to outsource basic IT functions to our in-house technical team for immediate response. The objective is to assist clients to manage co-location equipment with ease without needing to visit the Data Center on a regular basis. Our services include:

      • Tape Handling
      • Visual verification
      • Relaying status of equipment
      • Replacing and verifying connectivity integrity
      • Periodic system health check
      • Tape handling services