Green IT Definition

Basis Bay believes in the optimization of the environment’s scarce resources – be it from a planetary or business perspective.  Our approach to sustainability is from a holistic perspective that encompasses the framework on Optimization of acquisition, deployment and management of IT resources with sustainability in mind. This all-encompassing view includes taking care of an organization’s supply chains, services, products and resources throughout their lifecycles in a way that ensures every resources are utilized and appreciated with no wastage.

Basis Bay focuses on sustainable solutions by recognizing the interlocking relationship between the Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet and Profit. In our effort to create value for our shareholder and society, we focus our attention to the needs of both environment and community, addressing issues such as labor practices, energy usage and product responsibility, whilst keeping a firm eye on bottom line economics.

With this in mind, we have develop a Basis Bay’s Holistic Approach on Green IT as a corporate philosophy. It is a commitment of constantly looking for the next best way to provide sustainable IT – from designing, sourcing, and usage of said systems and servers, to their effective disposal, repurposing.