As today’s organisation’s operate within environments of increasingly diluted control, unforeseen events can often incur heavy burdens on business continuity.  Natural disasters like the Tohoku Earthquake on March 2011 or contagion outbreaks for example can have a debilitating effect on day to day operations. Unforseen events all have one common theme to businesses – an ability to interrupt or jeopardize IT flow of service – and thus affect the bottom line.

If your organization’s brand and product or service offering depends on a reliable IT operations network, it becomes critical to have the proper disaster management policies in place. Prevent loss of goodwill and safeguard your organisation’s potential profits by safeguarding your IT network system: at Basis Bay, we prepared relevant and comprehensive contingency packages for all DR situations.

The types of Services provided to clients includes:

Hot Site

A hot site is a commercial disaster recovery service that allows a business to continue in the event of a computer or equipment disaster. A hot site has all the equipment needed for the organisation to continue operations, including Data Centre Infrastructure, office space and furniture, telephone jacks and computer equipment.

Cold Site

A cold site is a similar type of disaster recovery service that offers infrastructure where customer can provide and installs all their own equipment for greater savings.

Dedicated Site

An alternate site with a fully customised infrastructure. This space is solely dedicated to the subscriber whereby subscribers are allowed to customise the space to suit their IT recovery strategy.

Multiple Recovery Site

In mitigating the impact of a disaster, Basis Bay champions a Multi Site Recovery Centre Solution, with primary and alternate sites based at Glenmari, Shah Alam. We provide maintenance services on enterprise equipment for all major platforms and have the ability to source equipment globally via rental or purchase for a cost effective solution.