As a preventive measure to minimise the effect of risks, IT departments usually put in place proper and well documented backup plans. Such plans always involve the making of multiple copies of their backup media and storing them at different locations to mitigate risks. Thus, the need to store backup media at a safe location away from the office becomes very important.

Basis Bay assists businesses to recover key functions and quicken refractory time by assisting customers with their reversion process. Our key features includes:

  • Concrete and double bricked (wired) strong room, ensuring security and fire protection.
  • Strong security system – security guard, CCTV monitor, card access doors and double door system and humidity control.
  • Systematic library and cataloging system to ensure smooth movement of the media storage.
  • 24 by 7 availability of collection and delivery services to and from customers premises.
  • Provision of safety boxes.

Besides the services above, Basis Bay complements OTS with consulting services, such as Business Continuity Management (BCM).