The Basis Bay Sustainable Cloud is a private and hybrid cloud offering and includes comprehensive cloud services in a fully
virtualized network environment. The service is a fully virtualized cloud on premium legacy systems, which still drives high end and mission critical services with complex requirements such as those found in the financial services.


The private cloud will utilize both hardware and software level encryption ensuring a highly secure environment. In addition, the cloud maximizes network throughput by providing direct connectivity between compute and storage nodes.

Built on premium green data center, network and server infrastructure, the Basis Bay sustainable cloud is designed with a holistic approach on Green IT. The cloud does not only provide IT infrastructure services, but also helps clients to reduce their carbon footprint.

delivery tiers


The benefits of the technical part are as followed:

      • Speedy adaptability and scalability for a dynamic business.
      • Increased availability, reliability and security of mission critical systems.
      • Models to address production, disaster recovery, development and test environments.
      • Access to leading platforms and latest technologies.
      • Enables focus on application and data management.


      The benefits of the economical part are as followed:

        • Ability to focus on core business.
        • Shorter time to market for products.
        • Reduce capital expenditure/improve ROI.
        • Improve budget planning.
        • Enjoy savings from green technologies.


      The benefits of the Environmental part are as followed:

      • Reduce energy consumption.
      • Optimize hardware efficiency.
      • Reduce carbon emissions.
      • Contributing to a greener world.


      The Basis Bay Sustainable Cloud Brochure. Click to open.